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2024 Pittsburgh Hurling Officers

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Stephen Wagner

This is Stephen's first year as Chair. He's also the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh Hurling Club.

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Ryan Weinberger

Ryan "Flyin" Weinberger is fast on the pitch and even faster at checking three different phones while simultaneously typing.

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Games Manager

Conor Ryan

Conor is in his first year as Games Manager. He continues to insist that he has 2 DUIs, not 3.

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University Liaison

Tyler Augi

Tyler is a stud on and off the field and attends Pitt Medical School. Arguably the nicest guy on the team. Ladies come and get him!

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Ron O'Shea


Ron is the jagoff of all trades when it comes to helping the club, and his continued commitment is appreciated.

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Matt Vona


This is Vona's first year as Treasurer. We're honestly just hoping he doesn't spend all the club's money at restaurants.

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Jacob Willy-Rea

Public Relations Officer

Jacob is in his first year as PRO, and is one half of the Willy-Rea brother duo. He keeps his brother, Cian, from losing his temper. 


Chuck Magillicutty

Honorary Captain

We keep Chuck around for a good laugh. Read a few of his posts and you will find that he has some very strong opinions.

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