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Schedule & Results

C - Pete Shilowich 

Emily Barno

Matthew Barrett

Liam Carmody

Mike Clipp

Nick Comte

Lorenzo Dube

Jack Firmstone

Ron OShea

Sean Stayduhar

Robbie Thacker

ronnies web.png

C - Ryan Sheehan

Aidan Beatty

Denis Cunningham

Matt Davey

Alex Houriet*

Tom Macleod

Lauren McDevitt

Anthony Popovski

Cory Schemm

Matthew Vona

C - Giaco Gentile 

Tyler Augi

Sam Bowser

Jamie Brandon

Jeff Buscher

Charlie Gantt

Zach Goldstein

Dale Gorman

Joel Hinkle

Stephen Wagner

Ryan Weinberger

C -Andrew Brienza

Luca Donnini

Jason Egan

Martin france

Kelly Goodrich

Vincent Gullo

Cooper Marsh

Teagan O’Neill

Conor Ryan

Alexander Sanchez

Fionn Stamatakyy

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squirrels web.png

Team Rosters


The location for the 2021 Pittsburgh Fall 7's is University Prep Athletic Field - 3117 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.  See the
maps below for general location and how to access the
parking lot for the field. This is the only way that you can
access the parking lot. 

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